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Obagi CLENZIderm M.D System is available at Allure Aesthetics Ltd skin care clinic in Abergavenny, South Wales


Obagi CLENZIderm M.D System

The CLENZIderm system effectively removes dirt & excess sebum, reducing sebum levels on the surface of the skin. It contains a scientifically-proven acne-fighting ingredient called benzoyl peroxide that works deep into the skin along with salicylic & menthol to unclog pores & eliminate bacteria that cause acne outbreaks. It is the only acne treatment with a liquid form of benzoyl peroxide, treating at the root & delivering visibly clearer skin as early as 2 weeks into the regime.

Daily Care Foaming Cleanser removes dirt & excess oil with 2% Salicylic Acid, leaving skin clean & refreshed. It gently washes away dead skin cells to reveal cleaner, healthier skin. Soothing menthol then cools & calms irritated skin.

Pore Therapy cleans deep within the pores to clear skin. It again works by unclogging pores & cleaning away dead skin cells. The pore therapy prepares the skin to be able to deeply absorb the liquid serum that targets acne at it's source.

Therapeutic Lotion delivers 5% benzoyl peroxide deep down into the follicles beneath the skin where acne begins. It quickly clears acne & prevents new breakouts from occurring by reducing the acne-causing P bacteria.

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