Treatments For Men

The majority of our skin care treatments and laser hair removal procedures are not only available for women, they are available for men as well! So, if you're a man in South Wales seeking discreet skin care or laser hair solutions, Allure Aesthetics Ltd are the perfect clinic of choice.


In this modern world, we understand that the importance of looking and feeling great crosses into both genders, and we firmly believe that there is no reason any man across South Wales should have to miss out on looking their best.


This even crosses into sports, where we have experience of working with many sportspeople and entire sports teams (both male and female) as they attend the clinic for treatments that offer sporting benefits. Laser hair removal for example is a highly popular treatment among all sorts of sportspeople, from footballers and swimmers, to tennis players and even the macho sport of rugby. Laser hair removal can also attract many bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

This is why from botox injections to laser hair removal, we're here to put you gentleman at ease, and deliver the magnificent results you deserve. It's not just about the ladies!

For some of our treatments, we even have a male nurse practitioner available. Therefore, you can rest assured you'll feel completely comfortable no matter what. We have performed these procedures on hundreds of men before you, so take the plunge and join the growing number of guys undergoing simple yet effective non-surgical cosmetic procedures.

Browse through the list of non-surgical treatments for men we have available below, and if you have any questions regarding the skin or laser treatments don't hesitate to get in touch with us.