But first, skincare.

If you have some sort of skin discolouration, you’re not alone.

Facial brown spots & discolouration are the top reasons for cosmetic visits to dermatologists. Outdated methods can be costly when used repeatedly and cause frustration when they don’t work. But there is no need to worry, we now have newer technologies, like lasers, that leave you with remarkable outcomes! 

Laser treatment represents a breakthrough in age-defying skincare. 


At Allure Aesthetics, our laser skincare experts use the latest medical-grade technologies to treat skin non-invasively. We will target the treatment area with great precision, causing no damage to the surrounding skin, which is particularly important on your face and around your eyes.

We use the most advanced system available, the Elite+™ laser from Cynosure®. The Elite+™ is best-in-class, allowing us to achieve the results you want. The Elite+™ is two lasers in one system, each laser is better at targeting different unwanted conditions, giving you the best result possible.

Thousands of treatments have been performed with the Elite+™ laser and it has been proven safe and effective on patients of all skin types.

Laser treatments use short, safe bursts of light to target & treat specific skin conditions. Our laser technology is very sophisticated & carefully delivers the appropriate amount of energy exactly for your own skin. It is specifically designed to target the excessive pigmented cells producing the unwanted spot. We provide a treatment that’s fast, easy & well-tolerated. It can make your skin look younger by removing age spots, sunspots, uneven pigmentation, diffuse redness & it stimulates collagen production, thus improving your skin texture too!


Pigmentation is the colour in your skin produced by melanin, a natural pigment that also determines eye & hair colour. However, if too much melanin is produced in one area, the result is a brown patch on your skin.

Too much melanin can result from:

  • Sun exposure

  • Aging

  • Heredity or congenital factors

Common pigmented lesions include

  • Age Spots or “Liver” Spots: Smaller darkened patches usually on older adults who have been exposed to the sun for many years. These spots can be seen on the face, forearms & back of hands.

  • Post-inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation: This type of hyper-pigmentation results from any inflammatory injury or trauma to the skin. For example, acne often leaves dark discoloration after a blemish heals. Rashes like psoriasis & eczema often darken the skin as well.

Please note laser treatments are subject to a consultation, cost of consultation will be taken off treatment price if you proceed with it. 



From £100+


Procedure Time

15 - 45 minutes


Result Time

Can be instant, best results after multiple sessions



Effective and safe removal with long lasting or permanent results



Tool used is Cynosure Elite+™ laser system


Pain Level



Pain Relief

Not necessary but anaesthetic numbing cream available 


Side Effects

Possible for some patients, please read FAQs for more info



Can be permanent once course complete



Roisin Hopkins
Stacey Hone


Complimentary Treatments

HIFU, Dermaplaning


Additional Information

There are very important instructions you must follow pre and post laser appoinments, including the consultation. Please read below for more info. 


Available Treatments
















Consultation and Patch fee £50
This is then taken off your package cost if you proceed with treatment

Frequently asked Questions`about Laser Pigmented Lesions

Is laser removal painful?

Many patients tell us that each laser pulse feels a little like a rubber band snapping against their skin for a split second. Any pain that you do feel is very brief, and because the laser pulse can treat quite a significant area of hair each time, it is all over before you know it. Most patients do not require any anaesthetic numbing cream.

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

Lasers are far more effective at absorbing into melanin than IPL devices, which means fewer treatments are required with true laser removal systems. Lasers also penetrate deeper, and can specifically target different structures, whereas IPLs typically do not. On top of that, lasers also have advanced cooling systems, making treatment sessions as comfortable as possible for you.

Is laser removal safe?

You can rest assured laser removal is very safe and clinically tested. It is FDA approved and has undergone rigorous tests to completely ensure customer safety and efficacy. Our practitioners are highly qualified and experienced in delivering laser removal treatments with our advanced Cynosure laser system, and we take client care, comfort and safety extremely seriously. We use only the highest grade medical lasers in our South Wales based clinic. You will be free to ask any further in-depth questions at your consultation so that any concerns can be put at ease.

How long is each individual treatment session?

The good news is that each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second. This means the advanced laser hair system that we use can treat an area the size of a 10 pence piece, every single second, making laser removal a very fast process indeed. Small areas like the upper lip can be done in a matter of seconds and larger areas like the back or legs should be complete in around 30 minutes, though each case is unique so treatment times can vary slightly.

Should I take any precautions throughout my laser hair removal treatments?

We highly recommend that you ensure you avoid UV and sun exposure for at least six weeks prior to your laser removal and two weeks following. This is because the laser is attracted to the dark pigment in the hair follicle called melanin. When being exposed to UV and sun exposure including direct sunlight and sunbeds this causes an increase of melanin in your skin.

How does laser treatment work?

Our lasers deliver precise amounts of energy to effectively treat unwanted pigment & improve sun-damaged skin. The laser hand-piece is placed over the skin where the brown spot or other pigmentation sits & a bright flash of light is released. This light is absorbed by the pigment in sunspots & converted into heat. The heat damages the cells that created the pigment & causes your body to naturally dispose of this tissue while creating new, healthy tissue.

What technology is used?

We use the most advanced system available – the Elite+™ laser from Cynosure®. The Elite+™ is best-in-class & allows us to give you the results you want.

2 in 1 - The Elite+™ is actually two lasers in one system. Each laser is better at targeting different unwanted conditions, giving you the best result possible.

Thousands of treatments have been performed with the Elite+™ laser and it has
been proven safe and effective on patients of all skin types.