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Revolutionary for resurfacing the skin, Microneedling is an exceptional option for those looking to revitalise their skin and can be used to improve a variety of concerns. 

Microneedling works by creating intentional, targeted injury to the skin. It does this by delivering a series of tiny pinpricks to the surface of the skin which in turn creates microscopic avenues. When delivered by a trusted skin expert, intentionally injuring the skin can be extremely effective for rejuvenation, as it stimulates the skin to regenerate and repair itself naturally by producing new collagen, elastin and skin cells. 

This method also makes it ideal for anyone using quality medical-grade skincare treatments, as the newly created avenues allow for an increase in serum uptake in the skin. This means topical nutrients can be carried to a deeper layer of your skin, into the skin's fibroblasts, providing nutrients to the underlying cells found in the dermis and basal layer.

Skin specialists at Allure Aesthetics can provide you with efficacious, worthwhile Microneedling treatments, offering an injection-free alternative to creating healthier and younger-looking skin.  
What’s really special about your Allure Aesthetics Derma FNS treatment, is that because we are a nurse-led clinic, dedicated to keeping ourselves up to date with the latest training, qualifications and treatments, we are the only clinic that can offer you a Chemical Peel before your Microneedling treatment! Your skin really is in the best hands with us. 

We deliver our well sought after treatments via a clinical-use only device. The most popular concerns by clients who come to us for Microneedling are

•Acne Scarring                                              
•Even Out Skins Texture or Pigmentation
•Tighten Sagging or Aging Skin                 
•To Improve Active Serum Uptake            
•Stretch Marks                                             
•Appearance of Large Pores                     


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If you're not sure which treatment is best for you, get in touch. Just let our skin experts know what your concerns are and we will guide you to the best treatments available to you. 

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