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Polynucleotides are a less invasive but effective and safe option to help reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, increase collagen production, improve skin texture & elasticity and boost hydration.
They are an innovative biostimulator which repair tissue and boosts skin quality. The injectable gel consists of long-chain polynucleotides, which create the perfect environment for the production and growth of new collagen. This then helps to improve the skin quality while also providing support to restore the skin’s elasticity naturally. Polynucleotides can also be used in conjunction with other aesthetic treatments to help support treatment outcomes. 
This treatment is designed to give you plump, dewy, smooth and hydrated skin whilst also providing your skin the perfect opportunity to rebuild itself, from the inside out!
It can be used under the eyes, for the face and neck, and even for the jawline and cheekbones.
For best results we recommended 3 to 4 treatments 2-3 weeks apart that will usually last around 6 months.
Treatment usually takes around 30 minutes to complete.
Most patients will notice a difference after 2-4 weeks, but skin will continue to benefit from this treatment with optimum results usually about the 3-month mark after your course.



Polynucleotides are a compound made up of chains of nucleotides, which are the building blocks of DNA.

When used in aesthetics, polynucleotides are typically derived from salmon or trout, and are then purified and sterilised for medical use.


They are injected into the skin to provide instant hydration and long-term bio-remodelling.

Polynucleotides are very versatile and can be used to treat both body and face, including backs of hands, neck, thighs and arms.

At Allure, we love them for their ability to be used to help soften lines and wrinkles, thinning skin and volume loss close to the eyes.

Polynucleotides are also the only products at Allure that can be injected into the delicate skin around the eye, up to the lower lash line and eyelid, to help with fine lines and wrinkles - Even closer than anti-wrinkle injections can go.

Use Polynucleotides to tighten, smooth, brighten, lift and rejuvenate the skin on your face or body.

Our independent nurse prescriber has extensive experience in advanced, anti-aging injectables to improve skin quality, hydrate and rebuild the skin . Want to know more? Use the button to get in touch. Improving skin texture 



£550 x 3 sessions -

3 sessions recommended

Single - £200


Procedure Time

30 minutes


Result Time

Best results 3 months after course has been completed



Improve skin elasticity, hydration, dark circles and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles



PhilArt Polynucleotides


Pain Level



Pain Relief

Not necessary but anaesthetic numbing cream available 


Side Effects

Variable for each person but unlikely



9-12 months longevity with maintenance recommended at 9-12 months



Roisin Hopkins


Treatments that Compliment

Injectables, Microneedling, Eye Creams and Peels 


Additional Information

Discussed during consultation

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