Laser Hair Removal

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Extra Small Area:

Upper lip, Glabella, Eyebrows, Ears

Single                                       £39
Package of 4 Save 30%       £109
Package of 8 Save 40%       £187

Small Area:

Underarms, Chin, Feet & Toes, Cheeks, Nipples

Single                                       £49
Package of 4 Save 30%       £137
Package of 8 Save 40%       £235

Medium Area:

Lip & Chin, Inner Thigh, Sideburns, Knees, Front/Back of Neck, Classic Bikini, Peri Anal, Hands & Fingers or Feet & Toes

Single                                       £69
Package of 4 Save 30%       £193
Package of 8 Save 40%       £331

Large Area:

Buttocks, Abdomen, Half Arms, Shoulders, Lower Face, Brazilian, Full Neck & Upper or Lower Back

Single                                       £99
Package of 4 Save 30%       £277
Package of 8 Save 40%       £475

Extra Large Area:

Half Leg, Full Face, Full Arms inc. Underarms,

Hollywood Bikini inc. Peri Anal, Bikini & Under arms, Chest inc. Nipples

Single                                       £129
Package of 4 Save 30%       £361
Package of 8 Save 40%       £619

XXLarge Area:

Full Legs, Chest & Abdomen or Full Back & Shoulders

Single                                       £199
Package of 4 Save 30%       £557
Package of 8 Save 40%       £955

Bikini Body:

Choice of Bikini inc. Anal, Underarms & Half Legs

Single                                       £276
Package of 4 Save 30%       £772
Package of 8 Save 40%       £1324

Women’s Body Package:

Choice of Bikini inc. Anal, Underarms, Half Arm & Full Legs

Single                                       £428
Package of 4 Save 30%       £1198
Package of 8 Save 40%       £2054

Men’s Body Package:

Full Back, Shoulders, Chest & Abdomen inc. Underarms 

Single                                       £359
Package of 4 Save 30%       £1005
Package of 8 Save 40%       £1723

Laser hair removal before and after

Unwanted hair is a common problem for both men and women.
Frequent hair removal chores including shaving, depilatories, plucking
and waxing are time-consuming, inconvenient and often painful.
At best, these frequently used methods offer only temporary results –
for some it's only a few hours. It’s no surprise that according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, laser hair removal is the 3rd most performed non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the US .

At our specialist skin care and laser hair removal clinic in Abergavenny, South Wales, you can free yourself from the constant need to shave and wax unwanted facial and body hair in order to look and feel your best. Laser technology has brought us a safer, much improved and longer-lasting way to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body, leaving your skin feeling smooth and looking great. Our laser hair removal specialists at Allure Aesthetics Ltd can help you get to the root of the problem (pun fully intended) with laser hair removal, thanks to our state-of-the-art Cynosure Elite+™ laser system. Laser hair removal gives you effective, permanent hair reduction anywhere on your body.


Whether it’s your face, legs, back or bikini line, you can have the results you want.

How laser hair removal works

During laser hair removal procedures, a laser device emits light energy that travels through the skin and is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle and hair shaft. Pigments are the substances that give skin and hair its colour (also known as melanin). The energy absorbed damages the pigmented hair follicle, which impairs its ability to grow. Hair follicles that are in the anagen, or active growth phase, have more pigment, absorb more energy and typically respond the best to treatments.

For this reason, it typically takes multiple treatments to achieve the best results – it’s important to “catch” your hair in this active growth phase when you are receiving treatments.

Please note that we use an advanced laser system here at Allure Aesthetics Ltd. Many clinics use Intense Pulse Light (IPL) machines, but these are NOT laser systems. IPL machines do not use a set wavelength of light, nor are they optimised for either skin type or any specific service. IPL systems lack the advanced ability to produce a set, focused wavelength of light found in a true laser, such as the Cynosure Elite+ laser hair removal system that we use. IPL devices produce a wide bandwith of light that heats up all of the surrounding tissue, which makes it less effective in disabling hair and also puts the patient at an increased risk of burns, particularly on those with a darker skin pigment.

For these reasons, you will find that IPL devices are generally cheaper in cost than a true laser hair removal system, and this is the reason many clinics take the IPL route. True advanced lasers will achieve better and more effective results at a much more efficient speed than IPL machines are capable of.

What to expect on the day of your laser hair removal treatment

Prior to your procedure you should make sure the area being treated is freshly shaven. This will allow for effective energy delivery of the laser device to your hair follicles, thus providing a more effective treatment.

During treatment, the laser specialist will guide the device over the treatment area. As he or she does, it will deliver light energy which travels through your skin and is absorbed by the hair follicles. You may feel cold air blowing throughout the treatment for added comfort. You will also hear a quiet beep as the laser delivers this energy into your skin. It is normal to feel a slight snapping like a rubber band as the energy is being delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions
> How many laser hair removal treatments will I need, and how far apart are they scheduled?
> How long is each individual treatment session?
> Is laser hair removal painful?
> Are there any risks or side effects to laser hair removal?
> Does age effect results of laser hair removal?
> What is the difference between IPL and laser?
> Is laser hair removal safe?
> Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?
> Should I take any precautions throughout my laser hair removal treatments?
> What should I do after my laser hair removal treatment?
> Can I wax or shave before, during or after laser hair removal?
> Why do I have so much hair?
How many laser hair removal treatments will I need, and how far apart are they scheduled?

The majority of laser hair removal patients will need an average of around 8 treatments, though each individual case is different. We recommend that treatments are spaced out about 4-6 weeks apart. This is because hair grows in cycles, and several sessions are required to effectively treat every hair within the treated area.

How long is each individual treatment session?


The good news is that each pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second, and it can treat many hairs with each pulse. This means the advanced laser hair system that we use can treat an area the size of a 10 pence piece, every single second, making laser hair removal a very fast process indeed. Small areas like the upper lip can be done in a matter of minutes, and larger areas like the back or the legs should be complete in around 30 minutes, though each individual case is unique so treatment times can vary slightly.


Is laser hair removal painful?

Laser hair removal is generally far less painful than waxing, although the sensation that you experience is different. Many patients tell us that each laser pulse feels a little like a rubber band snapping against their skin for a split second. Any pain that you do feel is very brief, and because the laser pulse can treat quite a significant area of hair each time, it is all over before you know it. Most patients do not require any anaesthetic numbing cream.

Are there any risks or side effects to laser hair removal?

There are a few potential temporary side effects listed below, though these should subside very fast:

  • Itching

  • Redness or swelling for up to 3 days

  • Tingling or light feeling of numbness

Other potential side effects, as listed below, are typically indicative of an inappropriate laser type being used, or a failure to adhere to the correct pre or post treatment advice:

  • Micro-crusting or scab formation

  • Bruising

  • Purpura (purple colouring on the skin)

  • Temporary pigment change (known as hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation)

Does age effect results of laser hair removal?

No, age has no effect on the results that can be achieved with laser hair removal. No matter what your age, the laser system will kill hair at the follicle in the same way.

What is the difference between IPL and laser?

Lasers are far more effective at absorbing into melanin than IPL devices, which means fewer treatments are required with true laser hair removal systems. Lasers also penetrate deeper, and can specifically target hair structures, whereas IPLs typically do not. On top of that, lasers also have advanced cooling systems, making treatment sessions as comfortable as possible for you.

Is laser hair removal safe?

You can rest assured laser hair removal is completely safe and clinically tested. It is FDA approved and has undergone rigorous tests to completely ensure customer safety and efficacy. Our independent nurse practitioner is highly qualified and experienced in delivering laser hair removal treatments with our advanced Cynosure laser system, and we take client care, comfort and safety extremely seriously. We use only the highest grade medical lasers in our South Wales based clinic. You will be free to ask any further in depth questions at your consultation so that any concerns can be put at ease.

The bottom line is, provided you choose a reputable and highly experienced laser practitioner, who uses a suitably adequate laser hair removal system, then the treatment will be 100% safe.

Is laser hair removal suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Laser hair removal technology has been around for decades, and in years gone by certain skin types couldn't enjoy the benefits of silky smooth skin from laser treatments. Previous generations of laser hair removal systems would struggle to target hair in darker shades of skin, due to the skin pigment being too difficult of a task for the laser technology to pinpoint.

Fortunately, the technological advancements in recent years has allowed us to safely and effectively treat all different skin types with our advanced laser hair removal system.

Should I take any precautions throughout my laser hair removal treatments?

We would highly recommend that you ensure you avoid sun exposure for at least two weeks prior to your laser hair removal treatment commencing. Please do not bleach, pluck or wax before or after the treatment. It is also important that you wait for any tanned skin to fade before beginning your laser hair removal treatments.

What should I do after my laser hair removal treatment?

Following your laser hair removal treatment you will find that your skin is likely to be sensitive, so we would advise that you refrain from taking a hot shower or bath for the first couple of days. We would also advise that you avoid steam rooms, saunas, swimming pools and exercise for the first 24-48 hours. Do not use a sun bed on the treated areas, or expose the area to direct sunlight while having laser hair removal treatments. Avoid perfumed products or thick creams for the first 48 hours, and don't wear tight clothing like skinny jeans or nylon tights (if legs are being treated) for the first 48 hours, because they can cause friction and severely aggravate recently treated areas.

Treated skin can become easily irritated, so it's important that you follow and adhere to these guidelines in order to ensure that your skin remains as comfortable and as safe as possible following treatment. If you have any further questions about the aftercare, we would urge you to raise them with our independent nurse prescriber.

Can I wax or shave before, during or after laser hair removal?


Before your treatment:

You may shave the day before, but not on the actual day of your laser treatment. This is because shaving exfoliates the skin a little, and this is very likely to make the laser treatment more uncomfortable than it needs to be. Don't wax the area, because if you completely remove the hair then the laser pulses have nothing to target! 


During your course of treatment:

You are free to shave as you normally would between sessions. Do not wax or pluck the area at all, as this will effect the growth pattern of your hair and this will have a negative effect on the results we achieve. Waxing and plucking will completely remove the hair from the follicles, and for the laser to work it needs to attack the hair while it is present in the follicle. If you have waxed or plucked the treatment area, you would have to wait at least 4-6 weeks for the follicles to grow new hair.

After your treatment:


Once treatment is complete, we would recommend continuing with laser hair treatments until we have achieved the level of permanent hair reduction that you are happy with. Any remaining or reoccurring hair will reduce further with each treatment, and most patients typically require about 8 treatments to achieve an adequate final result that they are happy with.

Why do I have so much hair?

The majority of the time, excess facial or body hair can be blamed on hereditary factors. For many people, puberty brings the onset of unwanted hair, while for others the menopause, age or pregnancy can trigger further hair growth. Shaving will cause your hair to gradually grow back thicker, stronger and darker, therefore laser hair removal is the only true way of permanently removing hair for good by systematically and painlessly eradicating unwanted hair at the root of the hair follicle. 

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