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About Skin Rejuvenation

We live in an exciting time, where knowledge, modern medicine and technology allow us to make life-changing transformations for our skin in a quick and safe manner. 

At Allure Aesthetics Ltd we understand the impact your skin can have on you,
and we want you to know we do care and we can help you achieve incredible results that may not think are possible. We love introducing people to treatments and results they didn’t realise were possible. 

Our professional skin experts can assess your skin with great care and detail, using their expertise and skills to provide you with medical-grade treatments, if necessary. 

We can treat a wide range of skin issues, including; 

Acne, Fine lines and wrinkles, Stretch Marks and Pigmentation                



Reveal your radiant, glowing skin with a series of professionally applied Chemical Peels, transforming your face almost instantly. 

Chemical Peels can feel like a beauty-industry best-kept secret to those new to them. They get to work by deeply exfoliating and rejuvenating the skin, and the results can be outstanding. 

Contact us today for an individual skincare assessment, and let's show the world your best face. 


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