Cheek Fillers

Cheek fillers procedure available at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in Abergavenny, South Wales

1ml JUVÉDERM VOLUMA®    £350

Cheek fillers before and after at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in Abergavenny, South Wales
Cheek fillers before and after at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in Abergavenny, South Wales
Cheek fillers before and after at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in Abergavenny, South Wales
Cheek fillers before and after at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in Abergavenny, South Wales

Allure Aesthetics Ltd offer the highest quality dermal filler injections for the cheeks, to add definition, contour and proportion to your face. All of our dermal filler treatments are carried out by our experienced independent nurse prescriber, within our specialist skin care clinic in the heart of Abergavenny, South Wales.

Cheek enhancements are a very popular non-surgical cosmetic procedure, and cheek fillers are injections that are administered to clients who seek improved definition of the cheek bones, or to lift the mid face as part of facial rejuvenation. Cheek fillers can also smooth out the appearance of stubborn nose to mouth lines which are synonymous with ageing, leaving you with a much fresher and more youthful looking appearance. 

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® cheek fillers are an effective, lesser invasive alternative to permanent cheek implants, which can often provide problems due to the potential of this surgical  procedure causing infections, and the implants are also prone to movement, which can result in asymmetry across the face. Cheek filler injections is the only procedure available to achieve a similar aesthetic appearance with predictable, safe results, and all without the need for invasive and expensive cosmetic surgery.

Who will benefit from cheek fillers?

Cheek augmentation, or cheek fillers as they are more commonly known, are perfect for anyone that is looking to smooth out wrinkles on the face, or for those that are looking to lift, sculpt and firm the face without the need of surgery. If you have visible signs of ageing and feel as though your face could benefit from a bit of a lift, then cheek fillers are likely to be an ideal non-surgical cosmetic procedure for you.

Ageing is a natural process that unfortunately none of us can avoid, and as we reach a certain age we begin to notice changes to our physical appearance. They are very subtle changes, but over time they do become more prominent, and this is the reason many people choose to turn back the clock by opting for cosmetic procedures such as cheek fillers. The procedure can provide a newfound youthful appearance and help you feel confident and proud of both your inner beauty and outer beauty. At Allure, we won't administer cheek filler injections to drastically alter your appearance or try to make you look identical to your favourite idol. Instead, we focus on enhancing the unique and natural beauty that you already posses! 

What does the cheek fillers procedure involve?

The area that is to be injected with the cheek fillers will be cleansed with antiseptic and marked so that we can decide on the optimum site for maximum quality enhancement. Numbing cream can be applied if you would prefer that additional comfort, though many patients find that the pain is quite minimal and so often have no need for the numbing cream - especially during repeat treatments when they return for their top up further down the line.

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® will then be gently injected, with the filler carefully placed above the cheek bone. Further product may also be placed laterally in the cheek to further enhance the contouring, although this largely depends on the natural shape of your cheek, as of course, each client is different, and so therefore individuals will have different requirements, wants and needs. The result is immediate, and you can expect your glorious new youthful appearance to last as long as 18 months. 

You will likely notice immediate swelling from the injections, and the final result will not be fully appreciated for another 3-4 weeks once the swelling has completely subsided. A plan for regular follow-up treatments in order to ensure the initial result is effectively maintained can of course be created for you. Our cheek filler procedure provides a very long-lasting result, but not permanent, therefore you are left with the option of letting things slowly return to normal, or keeping on top of your appearance.

Benefits of cheek fillers

  • Cheek fillers are non-invasive with no downtime.

  • The procedure restores volume to the cheeks.

  • Only performed by our fully trained and experienced Independent Nurse Prescriber. 

  • Can be performed alongside other anti-wrinkle treatments for complete facial rejuvenation.

  • Very fast procedure and virtually pain free.

  • Vegan friendly.

  • The treatment can be tailored to your needs providing a natural look.

  • Long-lasting results, up to 18 months.

After Treatment Advice

Avoid wearing make-up for 12 hours post treatment

Avoid extreme temperatures until redness and swelling
subsides – no saunas, steam rooms, sun beds or sun exposure

Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours post treatment

Avoid alcohol for 24 hours minimum post treatment

Avoid manipulation of the treated area

Treatments are recommended every 6-12 months dependent on individual

Post treatment you may find some tenderness, swelling and bruising. This is very normal and will subside, usually within a few days

Cheek fillers at Allure Aesthetics Ltd skin care clinic in Abergavenny, South Wales