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Blog | Microneedling - The Ultimate Skin Treatment

Micro needling

One of our favourite treatments here at Allure. Microneedling consists of inserting fine needles into the top layer of skin which in turn encourages collagen production and correcting and replenishing your skin. It’s perfect for pretty much any skin type, acne scarring, surgical scarring, anti-aging, even sensitive skin types as the needle depths are controlled manually, so there’s no chance of going too deep!

How long will I be out of action?

Depending on what is being targeted will depend on the depth of needles being used. This will also determine how long your down time is.

If we are treating superficially and targeting ageing, for example, the downtime is quite minimal. Skins appearance straight after treatment can vary from mild to severe sunburn, and will usually feel warm and tight straight afterwards. The redness usually subsides after 24 hours if we’re treating skin quite superficially. If we are treating deeper into the skin, for example scarring, then you’re more likely to be a bit pink for a little longer, around 2/3 days and skin is usually back to itself. But don’t panic, after 24 hours you can apply make up! We often find that patients experience a little bit of dryness a few days after the procedure which is completely normal, and is due to dead skin being shed. Yay nice fresh skin cells!

Who should have micro needling?

So this treatment is great for any skin type! Ageing, scarred, acne prone, uneven skin texture and tone, open pores and post inflammatory pigment (brown marks from previous spots).

How long do the effects last?

You will notice your skin is smoother quite quickly after the treatment, it will also feel more taught and firmer. It can take 28 days or more for new skin to renew itself, and once this has occurred all your new skin would have grown through. The effects of skin needling can continue to benefit the skin up to 2 years after treatment!

How many sessions are needed?

This will vary from person to person, usually a course of 3 or 6 is recommended depending on what skin concern we are trying to help. Ageing is an ongoing process, as we all know sadly, so treatments will need to be maintained every few months or when skin is feeling like it needs a little boost. There is no set limit to how many sessions you can have, but there will need to be at least 4 weeks between treatments to give skin a chance to recover and heal. If we are treating acne scarring, then we would recommend that the sessions are closer together so we can see the quickest results. Again, depending on the severity of the scarring, the treatments recommended will also vary.

Even after just one session of micro needling you will see a difference in your skin!

How does it feel?

Our number one question usually! Most of our patients find this treatment very relaxing and quite therapeutic as we do pre numb the area before treatment. Each session usually takes around 45 minutes to complete plus numbing time.

If you’d like to to book in for Microneedling or have any questions you’d like to ask, please let us know

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