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Did you know around 80% of premature ageing is caused by UV exposure?

But not to fear, SPF is the holy grail of skincare!

Every skin care specialist will talk about SPF, but do we really need it?

YES! SPF is essential in the maintenance of healthy skin. Every day our skin is under attack from car fumes, air pollution, UVA and UVB exposure. This can cause premature ageing, pigmentation problems and skin damage. Wearing SPF can also prevent your chances of developing skin cancer, and an unbelivable 86% of Melanoma skin cancers are prevetable too!

We recommend wearing SPF daily and it’s even more important to protect your skin, if you're currently having any skin treatments, such as microneedling, peels or laser hair removal. We don’t want you to take two steps forward, and then one back!

SPF also comes in different textures and colours specifically designed for oily, dry, ageing or dehydrated skin. Pretty much any skin type! Gone are the days where you’d be sticky for hours after applying a body sunscreen to your face, or that thick white sheen than a factor 50 had left. Welcome to the 20th century!

Top Tips...

Our favourite SPF at Allure is Alumier!

Always apply enough SPF to your skin for full protection - this is usually around the size of a large juicy pea for a face, or from the tip of your finger to the first finger crease for face and neck.

In the warmer weather, make sure to reapply every 2 hours, body and face!

Invest in a physical only SPF for your face. Chemical SPFs can be harmful to your skin.

Avoid sunbathing in the hours of 10am to around 4pm as these are when the sun's rays are the strongest and when most damage can be caused.

Skip the sun tan altogether and apply some falsey!

Be wary of relying on a moisturiser alone for your sun protection, as these tend to have very low factors in them (SPF 15 etc) and the amount of protection will vary dramatically on how much of the product you will actually apply.

For example, in the summer you may use less moisturiser so your skin will have even less than factor 15 once applied!

Obviously we don’t expect people to live like vampires and avoid the sun altogether, unless that’s your vibe! But just be cautious, stay safe, enjoy the sun sensibly and don’t forget that the sun is the same whether it’s UK or Spain!

If you’d like to have a chat about skin care or have any questions you’d like to ask, please let us know

| Allure Aesthetics


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