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Hey Google, search for safe aesthetic practitioners near me…

Why you should stop searching for dermal fillers near you, and start searching for the practitioners behind the treatments.

The demand for aesthetic treatments is continuing to become increasingly popular across the world, and more and more clinics are offering treatments here in the UK, and this can be pretty overwhelming when searching on Google.

If you've ended up here, we're guessing that you’ve thought about getting cosmetic treatments. It might have taken you lots of research to even come to this decision, or you might have just been fantasising over the latest treatments that you’ve come across on Instagram. But, have you actually thought about who is administering your treatments and the risks associated? Or, are you more focused about the price tag?

Social media and the new influencer world can easily dictate our aesthetic preferences, without us even realising. We’re sure you’ve heard catchphrases such as, ‘Instagram pillow face’, ‘Snapchat dysmorphia’ and ‘FaceTune job’ which makes it increasingly difficult for us to differentiate real appearances on social media. This culture on social media also creates unrealistic expectations that influence our thoughts on our appearance too. Social media provides brands with a way to communicate easily to their audience, which means that many of us will discover new products or treatments when we’re scrolling late at night in bed or on the sofa. We’ve all been served ads that have us dreaming of ‘flawless skin’ and products that can turn back the clock. But, this is where it can become overwhelming. Seeing cheap treatments and offers constantly pop up on our news feeds, along with societal pressure to look flawless, can have us all searching for a quick fix and the latest aesthetic treatments. But, more often than not, no one is questioning the practitioner or clinic behind the treatments…

We’re sure that you’ve heard about aesthetics in the news recently. Unfortunately, it’s been about as popular as the increase in fuel prices…aka not very. There has been a rise over the last decade in botched cosmetic treatments from unlicensed practitioners that are unsafe and offered at prices drastically lower than what they should be. Did you know, here in the UK, practitioners who administer non-surgical cosmetic treatments aren’t currently legally required to have any qualifications? Yes, that’s right. This means that those treatments that you’re searching for such as dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels etc. can be performed by anyone, no matter their level of training! That’s a scary thought given the fact that most of these procedures carry medical risks.

Therefore, it’s absolutely vital that you understand the differentiation between medically trained practitioners and unqualified practitioners when browsing the depths of the internet for your next treatment. But how do you do this? Follow our checklist below to make a well-informed judgement and spot any red flags to avoid disappointment or worse - medical injury.

Our checklist for what you should be looking out for when looking for aesthetic treatments:

Any person that’s considering aesthetic procedures should ensure they check that their practitioner is a medical healthcare professional. Choosing a medical practitioner means that they are registered with a governing body, and are designed and insured to protect you by ensuring professional standards are met.

Have you checked if the clinic’s health and safety measures have been approved by HIW? Which ensures that the clinic meets the standards for safety, cleanliness and professionalism?

Have you looked at whether your practitioner is up to date with the latest procedures, training and products? Medically trained practitioners understand the importance of complications and are able to calmly diagnose and address the cause of a problem, should it arise. This means that you’re minimising the risk of a range of complications, such as infections, scarring, burning and even blindness!

If your practitioner is an aesthetic nurse, they will have an NMC registration. Dig a little deeper, and ask if your practitioner is who they say they are, and to ensure they are set to the standards for working in health and nursing.

Although you may find aesthetic clinics popping up all over the place, with treatments at a lower price, you may end up with potential risks and lower grade products - something that’s really not worth the savings or potential risk!

So, what are you paying for when you have treatments here at Allure?

When you have treatments at Allure Aesthetics you are paying for much more than just the treatment itself…

What people don’t see behind the price tag is the entire patient journey and quality of service from our medical aesthetic clinic.

When you have treatments here at Allure, you are paying for 10 years of aesthetic experience, from an independent nurse prescriber that undergoes continuous training in her field.

You pay for a safe and regulated clinic with HIW registration, which means the Healthcare Inspectorate Wales has approved the health and safety measures of the clinic.

You pay for an in-depth consultation that recommends bespoke treatments for you. No speedy consultations over here! Our consultations last between 45-60 minutes depending on the procedure, to provide the best advice and solution for your concerns.

You pay for specialist Swift callipers that measure the precise golden ratio of your face for the best results, and are specifically tailored to you, enhancing your natural beauty. You pay for quality products including Toesyal, Botox and state of the art machinery for safe and best results.

You pay for the security that should a complication arise, you’re in qualified, safe hands.

We hope that you now know what to look out for when choosing your practitioner carefully. Look out for unqualified practitioners, research your practitioner, and read online reviews to seek an experienced and reputable practitioner. Stay tuned, and make sure you’re following us on social media, for more tips and advice on how to navigate your way through the aesthetics industry!


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