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Britain's anti-ageing map

Britain's anti-ageing map

Seasoned beauty editor, Olivia Falcon, has spent the past 15 years piecing together cosmetic beauty guides for some of the most well known beauty magazines across the globe. This makes her knowledge of the cosmetic industry second-to-none, and she's recently paired up with the Daily Mail to map out the most popular treatments and procedures across the UK, so we can see how things may differ from one region or country to the next.

We find the differences fascinating, and with such a variety of procedures and treatments available on the market from both a surgical and non-surgical perspective, the choices can often appear overwhelming.

Read on to find out what's most popular right here in Wales...

Facelifts take top spot in Wales

Wales has shown a growing appetite for cosmetic surgery over the past few years, with tummy tucks, facelifts and necklifts all proving popular procedures across the land of the green.

Facelifts may be the answer to ageing skin, but the procedure can of course be quite a daunting one for those worried about the droops and sags they've recently began taking notice of. Not every one wants to be knocked out, cut open and pulled left and right, so it's no wonder a lot of women and men are looking for safer alternatives to answer their prayers.

Fortunately, a talented practitioner can use a number of different non-invasive techniques to quite literally perform a non-surgical facelift that will rejuvenate your skin and have you looking fantastic almost instantly. A collection of Botox injections and strategically placed dermal fillers carefully administered in all the right places and in all the right doses, eventually finished off with a chemical peel, really can leave you looking and feeling a million quid.

It should be noted that you really do need to do your homework even before opting for a non-invasive route like this. Be sure to choose a skin clinic and practitioner who is reputable and has the necessary experience to produce the very best results for you as an individual.

As for the rest of the UK, how do they compare when it comes to the most popular cosmetic procedures?


A host of quirky new treatments are taking a grip on England's capital, from non-invasive CoolSculpting that contours the body, to Ultherapy, which is another non-invasive treatment that uses ultrasound to tighten up muscles and stimulate collagen and elastin.

West Country: In the West of England, the order of the day involves the words "as natural as possible, please". Thread vein removal is proving incredibly popular, and Botox is usually administered fairly conservatively to ensure that a natural appearance remains.

Yorkshire: It's quite the opposite in Yorkshire, with a face full of filler becoming quite a popular sight. Lip fillers and cheek fillers are used to give real plumpness, and pouty lips in particular are extremely popular among the under-30's.

Cheshire: Here, women are queuing up for procedures that offer long-lasting solutions rather than contouring with make-up tricks and snapchat filters. They aren't afraid to spend a pretty-penny on sculpting their nose and bringing the best out of every facial feature. This includes things like non-surgical rhinoplasty and defining lips and cheeks in the most feminine way possible. As for the men, they are showing no signs of slowing down the "Brotox" trend around here.

North East: Like Wales, the facelift is highly popular up in the north east. Lip fillers paired with chin sculpting is also in high demand here. People have generally moved away from the sunbeds, which was a common sight among Geordie lasses in years gone by. Instead, they are taking more notice of the importance in regular skin care, with skin treatments from the likes of Obagi products proving popular these days.


Further north again, and you'll find that Scotland is quite split, with those from the likes of Glasgow preferring to opt for a glamour-look with a little extra voluminous filler and a little extra Botox. Whereas those from further south typically choose the same procedures but in a more reserved manner, with a little less of this and a little less of that, which is mainly due to a little more fear in undergoing the treatments compared to their northern counterparts.

The Midlands: Facial contouring with fillers is most prevalent here, with people regularly booking in for total facial sculpting treatments. Whereas most of the UK will see one or two syringes used, those from the Midlands often opt for a collection of procedures that will use 5 or 6. Though, this isn't because of a "bigger is better" line of thinking - more so because they prefer subtle work done across the entire face. Basically, they have taken the non-surgical facelift on board and actually run with it.

Essex: Fake tans, false lashes and tattooed eyebrows are still going strong here, but in terms of actual procedures, it's the bum and cleavage that's growing strong in popularity at the moment. You only have to look at the fact that the average breast implant is, on average, almost an entire cup size bigger than that majority of the UK.

The experienced team here at Allure Aesthetics Ltd in the heart of Abergavenny in South Wales can conjure up something that will produce the results you want. We're specialists in the game when it comes to non-invasive beauty treatments, so if you're looking to avoid the knife, then some of our treatments are sure to be of interest. Contact us today on 01873 851441, e-mail us at or fill in our online contact form and arrange your FREE consultation where we can discuss what's best for you.

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