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Non-Surgical Beauty for Modern Women

Non-Surgical Beauty for Modern Women

In this modern world, with social media plastered across our devices and other printed publications like beauty magazines still piling up in waiting rooms and living spaces across the country, it's no surprise we've come to have just a teeny bit of an obsession with youth and beauty. Ok, some more than others, perhaps. But, the point is, the vast majority of us want to feel younger, and by jolly do we want to LOOK younger.

Have you ever considered the fact that your own body could potentially become your fountain of flowing youth? Not without a magic pill, or an abundance of plastic surgery and weeks upon weeks of recovery, i bet!

Well, it's actually happening on a grand scale across Abergavenny, South Wales, the UK and the entire globe! It's no longer a world where only invasive plastic surgery procedures can turn back the clock and produce a youthful appearance we're far more fond of.

Non-invasive treatments have you back to work in a jiffy

Modern women are shirking away from surgical procedures like facelifts and necklifts, and instead are turning in their droves to far less invasive non-surgical cosmetic treatments that have you recovered and back to work in a jiffy. Subtler methods to prevent skin ageing are proving a strong preference, with botox injections, dermal fillers and chemical peels much more appealing to the modern woman with a busy, demanding lifestyle.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery claim that the number of facelifts being performed across the world has actually been on the decline over the past decade. This is certainly due in part to the exciting non-invasive techniques and procedures that are on the cosmetic market these days. It's incredible just how far techniques and technology has come over the past few years, with the emergence and improvements of many incredibly simple techniques that help rejuvenate the face and produce a more youthful appearance.

Surgical facelifts are on the decline

It's all about helping you look and feel great

I know that myself and Roisin, our independent nurse prescriber at Allure Aesthetics Ltd, are both absolutely thrilled with the opportunities we have to help our clients look and feel younger with such little fuss and down time, every single working day. We're able to utilise a range of non-invasive cosmetic treatments at our South Wales clinic, using the latest technology - which is being consistently updated and improved upon - and have people feeling more confident than ever before within themselves, and this is something we really do cherish.

There is a concept that is very noble, and it's one that the modern woman may admire, but struggle to abide by. That is the concept of growing old gracefully. We're big advocates of that. We do think you can and should grow old gracefully. But do you know what? Why the hell can't you grow old gracefully, and look damn good doing it?

Looking vibrant, refreshed and youthful isn't simply a matter of vanity, but also professional survival. We're modern women. We have ambitions, careers and a drive to succeed. This is why it's important for our clients to have a wide range of non-invasive treatments at their disposal, to ensure they look in tip-top shape, in the quickest, safest and most natural way possible. The options in this modern world are truly fantastic when compared to a decade-or-two ago. We're lucky with the fact that there are are so many next-generation non-surgical cosmetic procedures and techniques available, such as advanced laser hair removal systems, resurfacing treatments and lip or cheek fillers that can be administered in a flash. Remember, these can all produce superb transformations, and all without going under the dreaded knife!

There are many non-invasive treatments available for modern women

An artistic eye can go a long way with cosmetic procedures

It may be your business how old you are, but here at our bespoke skin care clinic, it's our business how young and naturally fantastic you look! If your skin looks healthier, then guess what? You look younger. We also believe it's important that we have an artistic eye when conducting our procedures, so our experienced practitioner will study the symmetry of the clients' face and determine how much treatment is needed when administering dermal fillers, for example.

Another positive is that the results from many of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments that we perform can be appreciated immediately, and will continue to improve after you've left the clinic. We love working with FDA approved technology and treatments, because the testing is thorough and ensures that client safety is absolutely guaranteed during the procedure. Absolute 100% safety and high quality results, that's the order of the day!

We'd like to think that we can evade gravity forever, but unfortunately, it does catch up with us. That's regardless of how many miles you put in at the gym, how many protein shakes and vitamins you take, or how much anti-wrinkle lotion you apply. Modern women of this world, it's unfortunate, but it will find us. So, regardless of which non-surgical treatments you may be considering, just remember, it's not all about taking decades and decades off your appearance. It's often the subtle, natural-looking changes that can make the most impressive impact.

Here at Allure Aesthetics Ltd, we're experts in medical and aesthetic skin care, and we offer a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for both women and men, from dermal fillers and botox injections, to laser hair removal treatments and complete non-surgical facelifts. So, if you're looking to make the subtle changes that'll have you looking like a rejuvenated and confident modern woman, ready to face the exciting challenges of the world, then get in touch with us today! You can call us on 01873 851441, e-mail us at or pop into our bespoke specialist skin care clinic in Abergavenny, South Wales.

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